If one picture is worth a thousand words, your picture is worth a million …”

Moriah Kasecamp

Moriah is a professional photographer who obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Frostburg State University in 2005. During her time at FSU, Moriah not only studied the art of photography, but also the intricate workings of graphic design. Her passion for people and photography together allows her to capture every detail in its own splendor. While Moriah understands that traditional photography is a must in some situations, she also realizes that each client is different… and needs their portraits to reflect their personal style and charisma. You will find that with Moriah, traditional photography meets the edge and talent of an artist. That in itself is what will ensure you that you will be left with not only a picture, but a moment of your life frozen in time.

Ed Geis

Ed Geis has been a part of Moriah K. Photography since it’s origination. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park. He has lived in western Maryland most of his life and has acquired an appreciation of the natural beauty of the area’s photographic opportunities brought about by the extremes in its four seasons. Artful consideration goes into each of his wildlife and landscape photographs as these images will tell a story of the captured instant in time. Aside from landscape and nature photography, Ed is also well versed in the art of wedding portraiture and the intricate workings of every day photography.